Saturday, March 11, 2017

Rummaging in the World's Attic

The British went everywhere, stayed in most of those places and hauled off all that they could carry. And so far at least, have been quite successful at hanging onto much of the loot that they brought back. So we went to have another look:

Seven museums. Six historic pubs (a few we visited more than once). Four "heart attack on a plate" breakfasts. Three drizzly days. Two transit passes that took us everywhere. One full week in London. And no complaints.

Really. Even the coffee was much improved from our last visit. And we certainly ate well enough, although only one meal could actually be considered "British".

Sky Garden Views
from the 34th Floor
Houses of
The London building boom of the past twenty years or so has relentlessly reshaped the city. Historic buildings which have stood alone for hundreds of years now sit in the shadows of giant architectural statements. Meaning yes, the city was crowded, so just imagine what June must be like...

And if I were to mimic the British and bring just one single treasure back with me? It would be really difficult to choose, but I think that if I could have found a way, this Hellenistic solid gold wreath of oak leaves and acorns, intermixed with a bee and cicadas from around 350 - 300 BC would have followed me home. I'm sure I could have found a way for it to fit within my carry-on allowance.

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