Thursday, September 24, 2015

When Friends Give You (#3)....

Old broken plates, cover a stepping stone.

I already used up a bunch of donated tiles for a similar project, but I had to fuss around a bit to make it feel right. This one pretty much put itself together in less than a day.

The one element in this square which was from my own stash is the white pieces with the blue rim. They came from my best guy, or rather, from the cafeteria at UC Santa Cruz in the 1970's....I have never asked for the details of that story.

And the second square? I still had a few shards of blue plates left and I should have been able to throw them out, right? But that would have been too easy. You see, during a recent garage clean-out, I rediscovered a stack of handmade star tiles (created a while ago in ceramics class). I can no longer remember why I thought I needed those lumpy star tiles in the first place, but clearly, they belong with the blue plates pieces...

Thank you Jean!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Little Surprises of Gardening

It's a turnip, right? Or maybe a rutabaga.

Regardless, it certainly isn't the pretty golden flowers I was expecting.

The seed packet claims to be Black-eyed Susans. Once I planted a dark romaine lettuce seeds from this same company and got a bright green leaf type, but that was alright. That time, at least it was still a lettuce. This time, though, they were waaay off.

Yes, I'll be having a little chat with customer service.