Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rainy Day

(FYI: Color photograph)

It's only a drizzle in the bucket, just enough to make Princess the Cat cranky (as if she needs any help) but the flock of cedar waxwings doesn't seem to mind. Usually I locate them by sound - first you hear this thin, high whistling, and then you look around - up high is a good idea - until you see a group of small birds. As often as not, they are not in a tree, but flying around, whistling together.

Even on rainy days.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

At Last, the Leeks

Early and small (with a red onion thrown in just for confusion) leeks.
Photo taken 11/17/13

Some people claim that the Bay Area's climate is ideally suited to growing leeks. Perhaps, but leeks sure do take their time, even under prime conditions. And yes, I know that most members of the onion family (allium) are leisurely growers, but these guys should perhaps be known as allium slowpokeyum.

I started my leek seeds indoors in January, 2013 and transplanted them out in March. By November, they were long, tall and stalwart (and probably thrifty, trustworthy, reverent and brave as well), but pretty puny in girth. And this is after ten long months of taking up garden space.

Full-sized leek. Photo taken 1/13/14
(hand clippers for scale)

But oh, what a difference two months makes. By the time the remaining leeks (sure, we ate 'em, even though they were a bit undersized. They may have been small, but they were tasty.) were around a year old, they had sized up considerably. They were at least 1 1/2" in diameter and put the ones at the market to shame.

I don't think that my personality is suited to the leeks' lifestyle, and my gardening space is extremely limited. So that should have been the end of it, right?  But I did have some leftover seeds….and I just wanted to see if they would sprout…and now I am committed to a row of leeks again this year. At this point, I wonder just why it is so hard to throw away a handful of tiny sprouts. But come next winter, it should all become quite clear. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Cat? What Cat? I Don't See Any Cat...#3

She's done this ever since she was a tiny kitten - hidden behind the transparent curtains in the house  and waited there for someone to notice.  We can't decide whether Princess is just really shy, likes to play dress-up or has ambitions to join an order of nuns.