Monday, April 30, 2012

Shameless Plug #1: Michael Reardon

The most important watercolorist in my life has two of his paintings in a show at the George Krevsky Gallery in San Francisco.  The show is a tribute to the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The show runs from May 3rd - June 9, 2012. Stop by, if you get a chance.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Springtime (Again? For Real? At last?)

Well, it's supposed to be spring now, and lately there have been a few minutes, even hours, when it seems that spring has arrived.  Here are a few of my favorite signs that it really is spring (and not just a silly little hiccup before the fog comes in for the next four months).

Fava Beans
The bees think it's spring, although they've been thinking that since February, when they started appearing on the fava beans in the front yard (you remember February, before the winter rains started). But now, along with the bees, we too are getting the benefits of that November planting: risotto with favas, fava bean salad, and simply favas with favas (add a little olive oil and salt).

Need I say more? If only you could smell it here. And if you get a chance, go stand under the stone arbor at the Mountain View Cemetery. There you can smell it for another week or so.

Apples in Bloom
This Gravenstein apple tree was planted in 1984, and hasn't failed us yet. Last year was a banner year for apples on this tree, which usually means that this year's crop should be more modest. But who really cares when you can dress up like that?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cat? What Cat? I Don't See Any Cat...

So while we're busy rinsing out the most beautiful truck on the planet, Princess, the little trusty garden helper, has disappeared.  It's not Wet Food time or she would be slouching nearby, and it's not yet nap time, and she's not hiding from some unknown somebody, walking along the sidewalk who just might get the notion to eat her, sooooo...

Who's that sitting in the front window?

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Most Beautiful Truck on the Planet

On Sunday, my dear friend Fran did a most wonderful thing again - loaned out her Toyota Truck. Ahh yes, a trip to the Dirt Store (American Soil or Acapulco, whichever one meets your dirt needs at the time). A very generous half-yard of potting mix, a bunch of bags of specialty stuff for the new blueberry plants, and back home for the fun part. Shoveling. Hauling. Making dirt piles, and covering them with tarps. (Princess already has a very fine bathroom or two to use.)

It's a good thing we have an extra recycling bin kicking around - you never know when you will have to store dirt. Usually it simply holds compost. And it can't be mistaken for the 'real' recycling bin - this puppy is waaayy to heavy to get wheeled out to the curb.

Hours later, we're done (in).