Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mosaic Project #2

The garage is unrecognizable, what with a new roof, new overhead door and new lights that actually turn on when you flip the switch.

And it got a total clean-out. The bulky pick-up guys came and took what the dog walkers and pedestrian commuters left behind. And all those old paint cans, dead batteries and dried out caulk tubes were delivered to the proper authorities. Now the garage is so clean, we're thinking that a real, life-size car might just fit inside. Unbelievable.

All this work has meant that a lot of partially completed projects were rediscovered, including this ceramic planter which I tiled a number - think of a very large number - of months ago. It has simply been waiting for someone to go get a new bag of grout.

However, one question remains: which lucky plant will get to call the blue pot "home"?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Get 'Em While You Can

Mountain View Cemetery, 2015

Gardeners in colder climates indulge in imaginary gardening in January when the seed catalogues show up in the mailbox. Me? I m a complete sucker for the glossy bulb offerings which appear in early summer. I'm not allowed to read them in bed because I drool all over the sheets.

For many years I planted a great big pot of tulips each fall for next spring's entertainment. And since "winter" here has very little meaning, once the blooms are over, pretty much the only thing to do is throw the tulips away and buy new next year.  Other bulbs - narcissus, daffodils, hyacinth, crocus, etc. all do a very good job of naturalizing. (The narcissus are great, but get a little confused and start blooming in October in my yard.)

This year I'm ordering my bulbs early from Fedco Bulbs. It won't stop me from continuing to look at the catalogues, but it will stop me from changing my mind each day about what to order. And although I'll be putting a small dent in the budget this month, by next year, I won't remember a thing. Just happy springtime.

Bulbs in a Pot, February, 2010

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Do It Yourself? Maybe...

Lesson Learned (again, maybe):

If you don't really like sprouts, growing them at home won't make them taste any better. Yeah, yeah, they might be healthier, because you are have better quality seeds, etc., but isn't that the problem? For me, they already taste too "healthy".

These were kale sprouts, and they only took four days of changing the water just twice a day, so really not a lot of work. But, well, at a certain point on day three, I though something had gone "off" in the kitchen garbage can. Only to lean in closer and realize that it was the sprouts. I guess it's true that growing up is a messy and stinky business.

I may try growing some arugula micro-green because I really love arugula and have a small mountain of seeds. Also, if planted in the garden, the little buggers always bolt before I get to enjoy them as salad.